I specialize in applying individual Eyelash Extensions which are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved and adhere to one of your natural lashes, adding volume, curl and length. Eyelash Extensions are applied on a 'lash by lash' basis to your own natural lashes using a medical grade adhesive. 

Properly maintained extensions will last 6 weeks+, however regular 3-4 week refill treatments are necessary as your extensions will gradually diminish due to the natural shedding and replenishing cycle of your own eyelashes. Everyone is different with regard to how many weeks between appointments they need, depending on lifestyle, after care and lash cycle.

Extensions are perfect for that special occasion or for day-to-day wear. They are weightless and will not damage your natural lashes, so you can choose to wear them permanently!

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"As this was my first experience getting eyelash extensions I was a bit anxious and full of questions. Janet immediately put me at ease with her knowledge and patience, she answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable.  I am extremely pleased with my new lash extensions and would definitely recommend Janet to all of my friends and family!"
- Jackie J. Burlington, ON

"I saved so much time not putting on mascara every morning, with better results. I have never had so many compliments on how amazing my eyes looked and people had a hard time believing they weren't mine, they looked so natural"

- Elizabeth R. Halton Hills, ON